Family Law

We will protect your rights and assets

We can provide advice across the complete spectrum of family law matters. We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be incredibly stressful and that dealing with the legal ramifications may be daunting.

Our experienced family law solicitor is compassionate, will listen to you and provide advice that is appropriate to your circumstances.

Our firm can also manage in house all conveyancing and wills and estate planning matters that may arise. We can also connect you with our network of accountants, financial planners, buyer advocates, and superannuation specialists as required.

We can assist with the following family law matters:

  • Binding Financial Agreements
    • Pre Marriage or Defacto/Domestic Relationship
    • During Marriage or Defacto Relationships
    • After Divorce or Separation
  • Divorce or relationship breakdowns, including:
    • Property settlements;
    • Child arrangements; and
    • Superannuation splits
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Post-separation and divorce disputes.

Our Family Lawyer

Chris Henderson

Have Any Questions?

What is a financial agreement?

Before, during and after a marriage or de-facto relationship, a financial agreement can be drawn up between parties that direct the parties as to how property is to be apportioned in
the event of separation. Often referred to as a ‘binding financial agreement’, it can only be binding if the strict requirements pursuant to the Family Law Act are followed. Do you have a query as to whether your agreement is binding? Contact us now.

What happens to jointly owned assets at death?

If two or more people own property as joint tenants when one of them dies, the property will pass directly to the survivor. If property is held as “tenants in common” it will pass according to the terms of the deceased’s will. This often applies with real estate.


When can I get divorced?

For you to divorce from your spouse, you must be married for at least 2 years and have been separated for 1 year. If you meet this criterion, an application can be made to the Family Law Court. There are possible exceptions to the 2 year marriage requirement and separation for which we can advise you on. We can assist with any divorce related inquiry.

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