Wills & Estates

Planning for the future minimises the risk of costly disputes arising from your estate.

We provide legal advice on all areas of estate planning including :

Preparation of Wills including for singles, married couples, blended families and those requiring more complex Wills with testamentary trusts or special disability trusts.

Succession of Existing Trusts – advice on intergenerational transfers of ownership in family trusts.

Superannuation – advice on death benefit nomination forms, pension documents and ownership of life insurance policies

Powers of Attorney – general, enduring and medical treatment

Will Disputes – challenging or defending a Will

Talk to us about having your wishes carried out upon death including the transfer of your assets to your appropriate loved ones.

Our Wills & Estates Team

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How is a will executed?

There are strict rules determining how a will is executed. The will maker needs two independent witnesses being in the same place each observing the will maker signing each page of their will. The two witnesses using the same pen must also sign each page of the will. We advise that you should always seek a lawyer’s advice prior to signing a will.

What is a testamentary trust?

A trust is a legal entity where the ownership of an asset is held by one party whilst the benefit is given to another party. In a will, a will maker can give the benefit of an asset or assets to a beneficiary whilst the control of the asset is held by the trustee.

What is a power of attorney?

A power of attorney is a document where a person, during their lifetime, gives another party or parties the right to make decisions on their behalf in certain circumstances. The most common powers of attorney are enduring which can cover legal, financial and lifestyle choices and medical treatment.

Do my partner and I need separate wills?

All couples need to have separate wills. They can reflect each other, having the same terms, but a will is personal to an individual and not a couple.

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Many thanks to Phillips and Wilkins for a successful process regarding my mother's deceased estate. I did appreciate your advice regarding a potential problem during that time. I would especially like to convey my gratitude for the consistently conscientious work done by your law clerk, Pam Sell. Her vast experience, patience, friendly manner and good humour was a calming influence. I was always confident that she had
my best interests at heart.

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