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Will Considerations for Blended Families

A valid will is a very important legal document to have in place before you die, even more so if you are a part of a blended family. A blended family is a family in which a person or their partner could have children from a previous marriage or relationship or...

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Notices When Selling Real Estate

Whether buying or selling real estate, it is important for any buyer or seller to understand how notices play a part in a real estate transaction. Notices when selling real estate are a must and understanding why is just as important. What is a...

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Documenting Renovation Works

When selling your property it is essential that any renovation works that you have carried out during your ownership of the property have been completed and documented properly, whether you had a professional builder carry out the works or you acted as an owner...

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Retail Leases Act: Laws and Obligations Of Tenant

This article describes a few matters that tenants of retail leases should be aware of. It is hoped that the information contained is useful for tenants when dealing with rental property and landlords.The Retail Leases ActThe Retail Leases Act (“the Act”) was amended...

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Shareholder Agreements – Do I need one?

Shareholder Agreements - do I need one? You may be starting a new business or have already commenced operations and wish to formalise the relationship between the respective business owners. If you use or intend to use a company structure to own and operate your...

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COVID-19 – Commercial Leasing Code of Conduct

Commercial Leasing Code of Conduct During the COVID-19 Pandemic The Prime Minister has recently announced an obligatory code which landlords and tenants must follow when negotiating amendments to leases due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The guiding principle is that any...

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